1000   Community Relations
    1100 Political Activities
      1100/6260 Political Activities During School Hours
      1110/4365 Political Activities of School District Employees
    1200 Complaints
      1210 Complaints Concerning School Personnel
      1210-A FM Complaint Form A
      1210-B FM Complaint Form B
      1210-C FM Complaint Form C
      1220 AR Complaint Procedure for Spearfish School District 40-2 Title I Program
      1230AR Complaint Procedure for Federal Programs (other than Title I)
      1240                 Homeless Students
1240FM           Homeless Dispute Form

1241                 Homeless Student Transportation
1241.FM          Homeless Student Transportation Form

Building and Facility Use
      1310 Building and Facility Use
      1310 AR Building and Facility Use and Cost
      1310 FM Building Rental Agreement
      1315 Public Conduct on School Property and at School Events
      1320 Non-Student Registered Sex Offenders
      1320-A FM Registered Sex Offender Waiver Request
      1320-B FM Registered Sex Offender Waiver Approval
    1400 Crisis Management Plan
      1410 Crisis Management Plan
    1500 Strategic Planning
      1510 Strategic Planning Process
    1600 School-Community Improvement Council
    1700 Naming Facilities
    1800 Distribution of Promotional Materials
      1800 FM          Distribution of Promotional Materials Request