5000 Admission and Attendance  
      5005 Admission of Non-resident Students/Assignment of Resident Students
      5010 Excessive Absence Policy
      5012 Off-Campus Misconduct
      5025 Enrollment of Students From Non-accredited Schools
      5030 Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students
      5035 Open Enrollment
      5040 Student Registered Sex Offenders
    5100 Student Rights and Responsibilities  
      5101/4040 Pledge of Allegiance
      5105 Student Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse Policy
      5105 AR Student Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse Policy
      5110 Search and Seizure
      5115 Dangerous Weapons in Schools
      5120 Married Students
      5125 Pregnant Students
      5130/4101 Anti-Harassment
      5130/4101 FM Harassment Grievance Form
      5130/4101.1 FM Verification of Required Inservice for Discrimination/Harassment
      5131/6242/4030 Acceptable and Ethical Use of Technology Resources
      5132/6246 Cyber Bullying Policy
      5133/6248 Bullying
      5135 Hazing
      5138 Threats
      5140 Use of Students/Interviews
      5145/4900 Soliciting and Selling
      5150 Special Trip Policy
      5150 FM Special Trip Policy
      5160 Educational Tours
      5165 Student Fees, Fines and Charges
    5200 Correction Actions
      5210 Suspension and Expulsion
      5210.1FM Notice of Suspension/Expulsion
      5210.2FM Notice of Hearing
      5210.3FM Student Suspension/Expulsion Waiver
    5300 Student Welfare
      5305 Student Communicable Diseases
      5305 AR Student Communicable Diseases
      5305.1AR/4402.1AR Communicable Disease Guidelines
      5310 Administering Medicines to Students
      5310 AR Guidelines for Giving Medications by Secretaries
      5310.1 AR Medication Administration
      5310.1FM Request to Administer Medication and Release Agreement
      5310.2FM Physician's Consent/Order Form
      5310.3FM Incident Report-Medication Administration
      5315 Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
      5315FM Authorization for Asthma or Anaphylaxis Self-Administered Medication
      5320 Immunization of Student/Physical Exam
      5340 Nutrition
    5400 Student Out-of-State Travel Student Out-of-State Travel
      5430/6315 Spearfish School District Extra-Curricular Rules and Enforcement Procedure
      5435/6318 Extra-Curricular Training Violations
      5440/6325 Grades 7-9 Participation in High School Activities
    5500 Students Who Want To Participate in Foreign Exchange Programs
    5600 Student Records  
      5605 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
      5610 Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
      5615 AR Use of Legal Names on School Records
      5620 Confidentiality of Information
    5700/6505 Graduation Requirements  
      5700/6505 Graduation Requirements         Diploma Requirements
      5705/6710 Credit by Course Equivalency Exam