Internal Board Operations
    8100 Organization of the Board  
      8110 Organization
      8120 Purpose, Role and Methods of Operation
      8130 Board Standing Committees
    8200 School Board Meetings  
      8210 Board Meetings
      8220 Notice of Board Meetings
      8230 Agenda
      8240 Board Minutes
      8250 Parliamentary Rules
      8260 Quorum
    8300 Board Policy Development  
      8310 Development, Adoption, and Amendment of Policies
      8315 Development, Adoption, and Amendment of Administrative Regulations
    8400 Board Member Services  
      8410 Orientation of Board Member Elect
      8420 Remuneration and Reimbursement
    8500 Conflict of Interest  
      8510 Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Authorization
      8510.1FM Request for School Board Waiver
      8510.2FM School Board Action on Conflict of Interest Disclosure of a Direct Benefit
    8600 Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, and Regulations
    8700 Board Member Code of Ethics