Spearfish School District District 40-2
Spearfish, SD  
April 13, 2004

School Board Minutes
April 13, 2004

A REGULAR MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF SPEARFISH SCHOOL DISTRICT 40-2, LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, WAS HELD AT THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE BUILDING ON THE 13H DAY OF APRIL, 2004. THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT: President Erickson, Dunwoody, Royer, Steen, and Aaker. Administration present were: Peters, Crosswait, Hood, Jewett, Leikvold, Seyer, Riedel, Soriano, and Fridell. Also present were: Kris Garlick-Beaty, Lennis Larson, Bernie Krambeck, Annelise Ewing, Kathy Ewing, Rob Ewing, Erin Nold, Jennifer Weitz, Jessie Baus, Josh Whitlock, Lori Little, Andrew Zska, Paula Farley, Emily Boies, Martie Combs, Desiree Goodson, Mindy Capp, Brittany Hausmann, Lindsay Holberg, Desiree Farnsworth, Tyler Tetrault, Samantha Stockholm, Jim Leuthold, Kim Hughes-Baus, Darlene Thompson, Anne Langdell, Joanna Magnusson, Lindsey Dafoe, Rachel Nelson, Ryan Blasery, Brian Anderson, Chris Didier, Christian Cooper, Alex Nachitelo, Drew Cooper, Nick Bunney, Gail Harclen, Jonas Lynch, Stacey Stone, George Dragoo, Kayla Bliege, Kris Hayes, Shanna Kinnick, Mick Vogel, Corinne Hansen, Marcus Fox, Dustin Tounsleg, Mike McCarty, Rosalie Aslesen, Darlene Kaye Telkamp, Timm Cooper, Zachary Kintzley, Brandon Bertrain, and Janice Koski.

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

President Erickson called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Erickson led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to approve the agenda.

Tom Riedel introduced Darlene Thompson, Dan Holben, Mindy Capp, Tom Mead, Renee Trautman and Mary Ann Oberlander who in turn introduced students who had competed and placed in the Regional Science Fair.

Ellie Cooch shared information on a chess club that she is facilitating with interested students. They meet every Tuesday over the noon hour.

Dan Leikvold was honored for his South Dakota’s High School Principal of the Year award.

Bernie Krambeck and Lennis Larson reported on the outcome of the NCA process.

Kathy Hood presented the results of the Tri-Ethnic survey that tests students concerning the frequency of high-risk behaviors involving drug and alcohol use.

Paul Soriano presented the Board with progress on the new report cards which the District is attempting to base on standards.

Hank Fridell addressed the Board concerning their efforts to establish an all-day, everyday kindergarten program at West Elementary. He reported that at least for now the concept will not happen.

George Dragoo presented a request for the District to add an additional instrumental music instructor to its staff.

Motion was made by Royer, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to table his request to hire an additional instrumental music instructor.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to approve the following consent agenda.

1. Approved the Certificate of Exemption of one elementary, four middle school, and one High School student to attend      home school. (Code 003-413-130 to 135)
2. Terminated the following Title I and Title II contracts due to federal funding uncertainty. Kris Hayes, DeLynn Tollefsrud,      Diane Wendt, and Pam Gillespie.
3. Accepted the resignation of Hank Fridell as West Elementary Principal.
4. Accepted the resignation of Kim Hamilton, High School Spanish teacher.
5. Accepted the resignation of Kim Hughes-Baus, kindergarten teacher.
6. Approved the appointment of Bill Robinson as West Elementary custodian to replace Bob Kaiser.

Dave Peters notified the Board that the District will be going to bid on it’s capital outlay projects which include the West Elementary addition and planned technology purchases for the year. The technology bid opening will be on May 4th, and a recommendation will be presented at the May 10th Board meeting. The West addition bid opening will be April 30th.

The finance committee has met frequently to discuss the long-term financial considerations impacting the District and will begin meeting with community groups to attempt to share that information.

Dave Peters also informed the Board on the progress of the funding adequacy study.

During the scheduled/unscheduled audience portion, Janelle Jones voiced her concern about the retire/rehire/voluntary separation actions and recommended that a policy be put in place to add consistency to existing practices. Darlene Thompson asked if anyone had done any follow-up on home school participation and what were the outcomes.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Aaker and carried to approve the March 9th and 15th minutes.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to approve the bills and financial statement.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to move into executive session to discuss a personnel issue.

The Board moved into executive session at 7:15 p.m.

President Erickson called the meeting back to open session at 7:28 p.m.

Motion was made by Dunwoody, seconded by Aaker and carried to accept the recommendation of the administration and terminate the employment of Mike Morgan.

Motion was made by Dunwoody, seconded by Steen and carried to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Ed Erickson, President ___________________________________

Craig Crosswait, Business Manager _________________________

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