Spearfish School District District 40-2
Spearfish, SD  
January 12, 2004

School Board Minutes
January 12, 2004

A REGULAR MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF SPEARFISH SCHOOL DISTRICT 40-2, LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, WAS HELD AT THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE BUILDING ON THE 12TH DAY OF JANUARY, 2004. THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT: President Erickson, Dunwoody, Royer, Steen, and Aaker. Administration present were: Peters, Crosswait, Hood, Jewett, Leikvold, Seyer, Riedel, Soriano, and Fridell. Also present were: Kris Garlick-Beaty, Darlene Kaye Telkamp, Jeff Ross, David Ross, Crystal England, Rashell Plumb, Sean O’Dell, Tom Termes, Christy Barrios, Kristan Vostad, Brad Laudanskas, Levi Goetz, Chris Rans, Dean Hansen, Colin Usher, Becka Wattier, Tara M. Gurone, Levi Browner, Nathern Fredericksen, Chad Cordell, Matt Kemp, and River Myers.

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

President Erickson called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Erickson led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Dunwoody, seconded by Steen and carried to approve the agenda.

Paul Soriano reported on East Elementary’s application as a “21st Century School of Distinction.”

Dan Leikvold introduced Kristi McCoy, Jerry Miller, and Tom Termes who provided the Board with an update on the electronics course.

Kathy Hood provided information on the students who won the Laws of Life essay contest.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to adopt the changes and additions to Board Policies: 3415 Cancelled Checks, 4201 Drug Free Work Place, 4202 Employee Drug and Alcohol, 5210 Suspension and Expulsion, 5430/6315 Extra-Curricular Rules and Enforcement Procedure, 5030 Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students, and 5105 Student Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse Policy.

Hank Fridell presented information on the preliminary security changes at West Elementary. Motion was made by Royer, seconded by Aaker to proceed with developing preliminary information for the proposed security changes at West Elementary.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Steen and carried to approve the following consent agenda.

A. Approved the Certificate of Exemption for one Middle School student to attend home school. (Code 003-0112-119).

B Personnel (All hires contingent on successful completion of background check).

       1. Approved the coaching positions for:
           Janelle Skaggs                               MS Girls Basketball                      Level 4                   $1592.50
           Casey Cheeseborough                  Co-Asst. Varsity Track                  Level 7                   $1000.00
           Mike Brick                                   Co-Asst. Varsity Track                  Level 7                   $1793.00

The Board also discussed Board Policy 1310 on the use of the School’s facilities by the public. Whether the School absorbs these costs or charges for their use. Dave Peters will meet with the impacted groups and report his findings to the Board.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Royer and carried to approve the December 8th and 15th minutes.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Dunwoody and carried to approve the bills and financial statement.

Motion was made by Dunwoody, seconded by Steen and carried to move into executive session.

The Board came out of executive session at 7:35 p.m., the regular meeting resumed.

President Erickson adjourned the meeting at 7:36 p.m.

Ed Erickson, President ___________________________________

Craig Crosswait, Business Manager _________________________

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