Spearfish School District District 40-2
Spearfish, SD  
January 10, 2005

School Board Minutes
January 10, 2005

A REGULAR MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF SPEARFISH SCHOOL DISTRICT 40-2, LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, WAS HELD AT THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE BUILDING ON THE 10TH DAY OF JANUARY, 2005. THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT: President Aaker, Royer, Steen, Aslesen and Sleep. Administration present were: Peters, Crosswait, Hood, Jewett, Leikvold, Seyer, Riedel, Soriano and Fridell. Also present were: Jan Kaus, Karen Hahn, John E. Swanson, Ron Borgman, Kip Roozen, Nadene Harr, Barb & Steven Hagman, Carlene Schlup, Kathy Christensen, Cindy & Alex Winney, Darlene Kaye Telkamp, Pam Gillespie, Carole Dahl, Connie Sheahan, Wendy Pitlick, Dan Holben, David Gallant, Eddie Gallant, Carla Moerike, Nona Rath, Bonnie Langum, Renee Friel, Leesa Haugland, and Patti Mundt.

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

President Aaker called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Aaker led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Royer, seconded by Sleep and carried to approve the agenda with the addendum.

Karen Hahn, HS Activities Director, provided information to the Board on the District’s athletic conference and scheduling issues, as well as a history of our relationship with the Black Hills Conference and the Greater Dakota Conference.

Paul Soriano, East Elementary Principal, told the Board about efforts by his staff and students in earning money for the tsunami relief effort via a bake sale this past weekend. He also shared information with the Board regarding the after-school Chess Club at East Elementary, and there was a short presentation by club sponsors Artur Golebiewski and Jacek Moszcynski, two local motel owners and parents. There are currently 54 students involved in the program.

Curriculum Director Kathy Hood recognized staff members who have completed BLAHST course requirements and presented certificates to those in attendance. She also provided the Board an explanation of the curriculum mapping process, how it will assist the Districts efforts to improve services to students, and explained the TechPaths software program that we will be used for the mapping process.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Steen and carried to call for the annual election of it’s membership. The election will be held Tuesday, April 12th, 2005. One three year position currently held by Randall Royer is up for election.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Royer and carried to approve Dakota Capital Solutions as the company selected for the Middle School bond refunding.

Motion was made by Royer, seconded by Aslesen and carried to proceed with the sale of Central School. The sale would be by sealed bid and as prescribed by statute.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Royer and carried to support the legislation to annually increase state aid to schools by a guaranteed 3%. Roll Call Vote: Aye: Aaker, Royer, Steen, Aslesen. Nay: Sleep Resolution passed.

Motion was made by Aslesen, seconded by Royer and carried to contract with Jason Writer of the County Equalization Department to provide GIS services to be used for student demographic purposes. The contract will be for $25.hour, a maximum of 80 hours ($2,000) for setup and another 40 hours ($1,000) for keeping the data current. Aye: Aaker, Royer, Steen, Aslesen. Nay: Sleep Motion carried.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Steen and carried to approve the following consent agenda.
     A. Approved Certificate of Exemption for 1 High School and 1 middle school student to attend home school. (Codes 004-0110-092, 093)
     B. Approved request for Voluntary Separation as per Board Policy 4450 for Phyllis Morris, effective at the end of the 2004-05 school year.
     C. Approved the resignation of Sharon Allen, executive secretary, effective January 31st, 2005.
     D. Approved the release of two open enrolled students from Belle Fourche attending classes in Spearfish who would like to return to the Belle Fourche School           District.
     E. Personnel (all hires contingent on successful completion of background check
          Approved appointments for:
          1. Roxanne McLaughlin, East Elementary ESP, replacing Tamara Allen, 6.5 hrs/day, Level 5, $8.22/hr, effective 01/11/05.
          2. Shannon Pankonin, Highs School SPED ESP replacing Janice O’Leary, 6.5 hr/day, Level 5, $8.22/ hour, effective 01/11/05.
          3. Bill Egger, High School custodian, 8 hr./day, 12 months, Level 3, $7.78/hr, effective 11/08/04.
          4. Megan Goshorn                       Asst. MS Gymnastics          Level 4            $1625
              Kimberly St. John                    Var. Girls Golf                     Level 8            $3125

Dave Peters, Superintendent, reported on the legislation session beginning January 11th.

The superintendent outlined items scheduled for discussion concerning the budget information session tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, January 18th at 6:30 p.m. in the district office.

Dave Peters requested that the School Board convene a special meeting to discuss matters related to personnel and negotiations.

The 2005-06 school calendar committee has started meeting to discuss proposed school calendars for the coming year.

HS Principal Dan Leikvold shared an explanation of proposed curriculum changes for next year with the Board. The lone action item, which will be taken up at the Board's next meeting, will be a recommendation to require three years of science for SHS graduates. Other items included revamping of the school's vocational education offerings, a change in the current reading program and adding the Oracle class to replace the current Computer Programming course.

Board Member Rosalie Aslesen requested that the Board reconsider a previous decision to deny a request by the High School to make use of Spartan time, when it falls on Friday afternoon, for staff development and meeting time.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Aslesen and carried to approve the December 13th minutes.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Royer and carried to approve the bills and financial statement.

Motion was made by Royer, seconded by Sleep and carried to move into executive session. The Board went into executive session at 7:41 p.m.

The Board came out of executive session at 9:56 p.m., the regular meeting resumed.

No action was taken and President Aaker adjourned the meeting at 9:57 p.m.

Don Aaker, President ____________________________________

Craig Crosswait, Business Manager _________________________

2005 Spearfish School District
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