Spearfish School District District 40-2
Spearfish, SD  

School Board Minutes
September 12, 2005

A REGULAR MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF SPEARFISH SCHOOL DISTRICT 40-2, LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, WAS HELD AT THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE BUILDING ON THE 12TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2005. THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT: President Royer, Steen, Aslesen, Sleep, and Aaker. Administration present were: Peters, Crosswait, Pearce, Morford, Seyer, Riedel, Clark, and Soriano. Also present were: Heather Ziegenbein

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

Vice President Steen called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Steen led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Aslesen, seconded by Aaker and carried to approve the agenda.

There was no scheduled/unscheduled audience.

Junior Achievement Day representatives Lisa Langer and Hollie Stalder presented an outline of their program and activities at East Elementary 5th grade.

West Principal, Paul Soriano, introduced kindergarten teacher Angela Langenfeld
who was presented “Kids Day America/International Children’s Empowerment Award.

Building Principals introduced their new certified staff.

Superintendent, Dave Peters, thanked the local businesses who contributed to the staff back to school picnic and especially Terri Dunwoody who organized the event.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Aaker and carried to reject the lone bid for the tennis court and allow additional time to review the project.

Motion was made by Aaker, seconded by Sleep and carried to approve the general fund budget changes. Adjustments were made to reflect the additional transportation costs, salary increases for the administrators and classified staff and the board’s proposed certified increase. The general fund budget is $9,778,156.27.

Motion was made by Aslesen, seconded by Sleep and carried to approve the following consent agenda.
       A. Approved request for Voluntary Separation Incentive as per board policy 4450 for Dan Binder.
       B. Approved certificate of exemption for 26 elementary, 19 middle school, and 5 high school students to attend home school. (code 005-0912-026 to
       C. Declared as surplus the following:
             1 19 inch rotary dial color tv, 1 G E refrigerator, 1 G E refrigerator, 2 metal computer desks on wheels, 2 small metal desks, 1 32 inch high ash               tray/garbage can combo, 1 arm curl bench, 6 cafeteria tables, 2 student desks, 3 wall mount intercom speakers, 2 desk chairs, 4 cafeteria tables, 1                bookshelf on wheels, 13 student desks, 1 teachers desk, 1 reach in refrigerator, 1 small drop leaf table, 1 large bookshelf, 40 plastic chairs, 1                phonograph, 1 student mailbox, 1 tripod whiteboard, 1 foldout bulletin board, 1 small table, 1 vertical blind, 1 metal shelving unit with doors, 5                blackboards (various sizes, 1 pull down wall map, 1 Bell & Howell 16mm film projector, 3 Bell & Howell cassette players, 1 Dukane slide projector, 2                small Beacon film projectors, 2 TV'S 1 Spectra 2000 1 Sanyo, 1 Sanyo VCR, 17 student desks, 2 person table type, 18 chairs , metal frame wood seat                & back, 2 teachers desks, 3 small chairs, 1 wood bookshelf, 1 large trapezoid top computer table, 1 card file, 1 G E refrigerator/freezer, 1 Hoover                dorm refrigerator, 9 surface mount 4 lamp light fixtures, 1 double casement style window, 1 car top carrier, 9 Gateway destination computer systems, 1                 computer monitor.
       D. Personnel ( all hires contingent on successful completion of background check)
            1. Accepted resignation from the following:
                 a. Jennifer Arnold, West Elementary ESP
                 b. Pat Hardin, East Elementary, Food Service
                 c. Camilla Tripp, Middle School, ESP
                 d. Shannon Pankonin, High School, SPED ESP
            2. Approved classified staff appointments for the following:
                a. Katie Hobson West Elementary, Title I ESP Level 5 $8.38
                b. Michelle Camarillo East Elementary, Kitchen Staff Level 0 $6.55
                c. Sandra Swenson Middle School, Regular ESP Level 5 $8.38
                d. Patricia Poper High School, SPED ESP Level 2 $7.38
                e. Nicole Frank High School, Regular Ed. ESP Level 2 $7.38
                f. Brandon Betram Temp. 2005-06 East Elem. Lunch Duty $6.25
                g. Zach Kintzley Temp. 2005-06 East Elem. Lunch Duty $6.25
            3. Approved coaching appointments for the following
                a. Brett Rauterkus Middle School Football Level 4 $1625
                b. Elise Sukstorf Middle School Volleyball Level 4 $1625
                c. Danna Smith Middle School Volleyball Level 4 $1625
                d. Tara Brodkorb Freshman Volleyball Level 6 $2400

Dave Peters updated the Board on the additional surveillance cameras at the High School and Middle School. The new cameras at West are installed thanks to a Homeland Security Grant.

There is no school on the next scheduled Board meeting date on October 10th. Meeting has been moved to Tuesday October 11th.

Peters also informed the Board of the most recent enrollment numbers - 24 additional students than this time last year.

Funding request for a study to determine the feasibility of a constitutional lawsuit against the state of South Dakota concerning school funding adequacy. Superintendent, Peters recommended to the Board that they not get involved at this time due to the possibility of negative repercussions.

Motion was made by Aslesen, seconded by Aaker and carried to approve the August 8th minutes.

Motion was made by Steen, seconded by Aaker and carried to approve the bills and financial statement.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Steen and carried to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 6:13 p.m.

Dr. Randall Royer, President ________________________________________

Craig Crosswait, Business Manager ___________________________________


2005 Spearfish School District
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