Spearfish School District District 40-2
Spearfish, SD  

School Board Minutes
March 8, 2010

A REGULAR  MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF SPEARFISH SCHOOL DISTRICT 40-2, LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, WAS HELD AT THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE BUILDING ON THE 8TH DAY OF MARCH, 2010.  THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT:  President Royer, Vice President Sleep, Krogstad, Caldwell, and Bressler.  Administration present were:  Peters, Crosswait, Comer, Morford, Olson, and Soriano.  Also present were:  Penny Lensegrav, Paul Blasi, Sara Koch, Lisa Koch, Karen Hahn, Tisha Limpy, Deb Jones, Kathy Albers, Mitchell Olhauson, Bob Totino, Billie Jo Bakeberg, Kristy Eastman-Olson, Jerry Savage, Wick Carr, Larry D. Vavruska, Doug Merchen, Rick Furnish, Sherri Engesser, Dan Engesser, Jullie Totino, Kris Hayes, Haley Anderson, Steve Williams, and Kasey Till. 

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

President Royer called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Royer led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Bressler, seconded by Krogstad and carried to approve the agenda with one addendum.

Rick Furnish requested information from the Board regarding the hiring of a new high school head volleyball coach.  He was informed that every teaching position includes the phrase with or without coaching and some of those positions are in the process of being advertised.  It was also noted the District prefers to hire district teachers as their coaches whenever possible.

Spearfish High School’s athletic trainer Kristy Eastman-Olson (provided by Regional Medical Clinic) shared information on the District’s method of dealing with student concussions.  Spearfish was the first district in the state to use Concussion Impact Software to promote healthy participation of its student athletes.        

Dan Krogstad volunteered to be an additional member for the Board of Equalization.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Krogstad and carried to accept the construction bid from Ainsworth-Benning for the new elementary building with the exception of add alternate #5.  Base bid amount $7,688,000 total bid with accepted add alternates $8,152,300. 

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Krogstad and carried to approve the sale of $11 million in a combination of Recovery Zone Bonds, Qualified School Construction Bonds, and Build America Bonds to support construction and equipping of an elementary school and related costs including land purchase, land development, architect and financial advisor fees.

Motion was made by Krogstad, seconded by Sleep and carried to accept the proposal for inspection and materials testing for the elementary school building project.  Absent:  Bressler

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Caldwell and carried to approve the consent agenda with one addendum.
     A.   Approved Tom Ver Helst for game and practice field care $4,350, the same as last year.
     B.   Approved certificates of exemption for 2 elementary students, 1 middle school student and 1 high School student
            (codes  009-0308-113  -  009-0308-116)
     C.   Approved Steven Overby, Technology Support Technician (temporary), $14.00/hr, 40 hr/wk effective March 29, 2010, approximately 15 months
     D.   Approved the following resignations:
            1.   Mary Ann Oberlander, 8th Grade Math/Science Teacher, effective end of 2009-10 school year
            2.   Sarah Dittman, HS Volleyball Coach, effective immediately
     E.   Approved requests for Voluntary Separation Incentive per Board policy 4450, effective end of the 2009-10 school year:
           1.   Carole Dahl, 5th Grade Teacher, East Elementary
           2.   Judy Adam, 3rd Grade Teacher, East Elementary
           3.   Bernice Krambeck, English Teacher, High School
     F.   Approved the following extra-duty contracts:
           1.   Jennifer Linn, Middle School Track, Level 4 $1,950
           2.   Jennifer Reiners, Middle School Track, Level 4 $1,950
           3.   Chad McCarty, Middle School Track, Level 4 $1,950
           4.   Callie Ackerman, High School Asst. Track, Level 7 $3,420
     G.   Approved request for two Open Enrolled students to be released from Open Enrollment in theSpearfish School District
            and allowed to return to their resident district of Belle Fourche
Superintendent, Dave Peters, discussed the latest legislative activity including changes to the open meeting law and school funding proposals.

The building nominations for teacher of the year award are Bonnie Langum from West, Dianne Hemminger from East, Mindy Capp from the Middle School and Steve Gabriel from the High School.  Nominations will be reviewed by a committee and the district wide representative will participate in regional competition April 1st.

Petitions for the School Board are available for the two seats currently held by Dave Bressler and Jeff Sleep.  The petition deadline is
March 30th at 5:00 p.m.

The district technology purchases were presented for approval at the April Board meeting.

Motion was made by Bressler, seconded by Krogstad and carried to approve the February 8th, 2010 minutes.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Krogstad and carried to approve the bills and financial statement.

Motion was made by Krogstad, seconded by Sleep and carried to move into executive session to discuss a personnel issue.  6:30 p.m.

The Board came out of executive session at 8:12 p.m., the regular meeting resumed.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Bressler and carried to adjourn the meeting.

Randall Royer, President                    ___________________________________

Craig Crosswait, Business Manager   ___________________________________


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