Spearfish School District District 40-2
Spearfish, SD  

School Board Minutes
April 10, 2012

A REGULAR  MEETING OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF SPEARFISH SCHOOL DISTRICT 40-2, LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, WAS HELD AT THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE BUILDING ON THE 10TH DAY OF APRIL 2012.  THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT:  President Randall Royer, Vice President Jeff Sleep, Mistie Caldwell, Dan Krogstad, and Dave Bressler.  School administrators present were:  Crosswait, Morford, Comer, Seyer, Riedel, Olson, and Soriano.  Also present were:  Ryan Bush, Doug Deppe, Marilee Woodard, Lindsay Jones, Hunter Schmuck, Brooke LaPlante, Kory Otterberg, Jay Darling, Amy Cermak, Caitlin Templeton, Breanna Janovy, Calvin Newton, Calvin Blasi, Brianne Schmidt, Chase Skroch, and Travis Axlund. 

All motions were passed by unanimous vote unless stated otherwise.

President Royer called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

President Royer led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion was made by Sleep seconded by Bressler and carried to approve the agenda.

City Planner, Jayna Watson, provided information about school properties discovered in a title search concerning a proposed project brought to the attention of the City.  She explained the planned project to the School Board and options the school district has in regard to those properties.

Middle School Principal, Tom Riedel, introduced Middle School music teachers Abi Feekes and Marilee Woodard who provided updates on the Middle School music program.

Motion was made by Caldwell, seconded by Bressler and carried to approve the technology purchases.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Bressler and carried to renew the school’s membership in the South Dakota High School Activities Association.  Roll Call:  Aye:  Royer, Sleep, Krogstad, Caldwell, Bressler.

Motion was made by Krogstad, seconded by Sleep and carried to approve the consent agenda.
     A.  Personnel (all hires contingent on successful completion of background check)
          1.  Approved the following resignations:
               a. Brandy Vavruska, West Elem. Kindergarten Teacher, effective end of 2011-12 school year
               b.  Imelda Bratton, West Elem. Guidance Counselor, effective end of 2011-12 school year
               c.  Teresa Deuter, HS Language Arts Teacher, effective end of 2011-12 school year
               d.  Patti Schladweiler, MS Special Education Teacher, effective end of 2011-12 school year
          2. Approved Casey Moore, Creekside Elem. SPED-ESP, Level 3 $8.35/hr., 6.5 hr. day, effective 04/05/12 – 05/23/12
          3.  Approved Traci Fransen, HS Special Education Teacher, BS-0 = 0 Units = $32,000, beginning 2012-2013 school year
     B. Approved bus stops in neighboring districts where open-enrolled students are picked up and dropped off.  The following stops that have been made by Belle Fourche Schools for several years (one change – dropped the St. Onge Sale Barn this year):  11604 SD Hwy 34, St. Onge Store, 19436 US Hwy 85.
    C.  Approved food service contact renewal with Lunchtime Solutions to serve grades 6-12 for the 2012-13 school year.
    D.  Approved annual mowing and lawn care contract for $6,650 (3.9% increase) with Tom Ver Helst for the freshman football game and practice fields, and non-athletic grass areas inside football field fence.

The initial “stakeholders” meeting (staff members who will have their classes at the newly remodeled building) was held on Tuesday, March 20th.  Williams and Associates Architect, Jason Roberdeau, received enough input to keep him busy for a couple of weeks, and when prepared will get the group back together again to refine the concepts proposed.

Business Manager, Craig Crosswait, provided 2011-12 budget projections and also discussed preliminary revenue and expenditure information regarding the 2012-13 school year that will change as negotiations with staff continue.

Tobin Barnes, SHS English teacher, has been selected as the district Teacher of the Year.  His application has been forwarded to ESA 7, which carries out the selection process for Regional Teacher of the Year.

Buildings and Grounds Coordinator, Doug Deppe, reviewed plans for purchasing and district projects for the upcoming summer months.  Final Board approval including any revisions and updates will be held at the May Board meeting.

The first reading was held on the following policies having to do with synthetic drug use. 
      Drug Free Work Place Policy (4201)
      Employee/Voluntary Drug and Alcohol Policy (4202)

The certificate of exemption update includes 2 Middle School students for a total this school year of 149.

Motion was made by Bressler, seconded by Sleep and carried to approve the March 12, 2012 regular meeting minutes and April 4, 2012 special meeting minutes.

Motion was made by Sleep, seconded by Krogstad and carried to approve the bills and financial statement.

Motion was made by Caldwell, seconded by Bressler and carried to move into executive session to discuss negotiations.  6:20 p.m.

The Board came out of executive session, the regular meeting resumed.  6:54 p.m.

Motion was made by Caldwell, seconded by Krogstad and carried to adjourn the meeting.  6:55 p.m.

Randall Royer, President                    ___________________________________

Craig Crosswait, Business Manager   ___________________________________


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