Filr is used to access your H drive files when you're at home or away from school.  Filr is only installed on school laptops.  When you're at school, please use your H drive to save/retrieve your files.  This is accessed by going to your Start Menu and selecting This PC.  It will be listed under Network Location.  This is only available when you're connected to the school network.  When you're away from school, please use Filr to save/retrieve your files as you will not have access to your H drive off campus.  Please do not store personal files on your network drive.


Students have a 500mb quota for their H drive/Filr.


Teachers/staff have a 8gb quota for their H drive/Filr. 




My files shortcut is missing - if your shortcut to My Files is missing from your desktop, you can re-add it by double clicking the Filr shortcut on your taskbar   This should open the folder where My Files is.  Right click My Files, go to Send-To and choose Desktop.  This will re-create the shortcut on your desktop.


Filr is not syncing or has red X on the icon - Chances are you are not logged into Filr.  To login to Filr, right click the Filr icon on your taskbar and click login.  Login using your computer password.  Upon successful login, you should see the icon change to indicate syncing your files.  

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