Mobile Access to Novell GroupWise for Android and Apple

If you have a different brand or OS of phone you can click on the following link for other device instructions.

Here is the information you will need setting up any Smart Phone:

  1. Smart phone with data connection.

  2. Server Address:

  3. School network account info

  4. Turn on SSL

  5. If you need to change or add a port use Port 80

  6. You may only connect up to 2 devices.

Android Devices

The set up for Android devices varies depending on your particular phone and also your cell phone provider, you may have to hunt a bit to find exactly where to enter this information.

  1. Make sure you have a working connection to the internet
  2. Find your main “Menu”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Next select “Accounts & Sync”
  5. Choose “Add account”
  6. Choose Microsoft Exchange or Activesync or Corporate
  7. Enter your full email address and password
  8. Choose “manual setup” if you have a choice
  9. Server Address is
  10. Domain – leave it blank
  11. Username – enter your Spearfish School account username
  12. Password – enter your Spearfish School  password
  13. Select SSL and accept certificate.
  14. Choose what you would like to sync – Mail, Contact and Calendar are available.
  15. Click Finish

iPhone – iPad

  1. Make sure you have a working connection to the internet
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  4. Click “Add Account”
  5. Choose “Microsoft Exchange”
  6. Enter your full email address
  7. Server Address is
  8. Domain – leave it blank
  9. Username – enter your Spearfish School user name
  10. Password – enter your Spearfish School password
  11. Description – Take out Exchange and enter a new name (School Mail, GroupWise whatever you like)
  12. Next
  13. If you get a failure message click continue
  14. Go back Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, and tap Account Info
  15. Make sure Use SSL is enabled and accept certificate.
  16. Choose what you would like to sync. Mail, Calendar and Contacts are available
  17. Your mail will now show up on the Mail App on your device. If you already had another mail account set up, you may need to click on the Mailboxes link at the top left to see all your accounts.


  1. If your phone is not syncing then make sure you can browse the internet successfully.
  2. Reboot phone
  3. Contact Help Desk to verify your account info.
  4. Take phone to data provider for assistance.