In School Suspension (ISS) Guidelines
  1. The Cabin is an extension of your normal classroom.  You need to arrive prepared, stay on task, and do your best to learn from the materials that your teachers have assigned.
  2. Students must have all books and study supplies needed when they arrive. 
  3. Students are not allowed to sleep or lay their head on the desks.  The assigned time is to be used for study.
  4. You will not be allowed to leave the room for any reason other than restroom privileges and for an emergency.
  5. Students will cooperate with the Cabin supervisor.  The supervisor will monitor and assist you with your studies.  If you have a question raise your hand and the supervisor will come to your desk.
  6. Teachers will be notified of you being assigned to the Cabin and if possible, will send work for you to complete.  When an assignment has been completed you are to turn it over to the supervisor and she will deliver it to the appropriate teacher.   Students will have the opportunity to earn credit providing they have their assignments done by the end of the suspension period.
  7. Talking or communicating between students is not allowed.  This includes hand signals, facial expressions, notes, or any other type of communication.
  8. The computer you use is for educational purposes only.  The only e-mails you shall be allowed to send are to a teacher or an administrator and that shall be with the permission of the supervisor.  Use of the Internet will be for school related studies only.
  9. Lunch break will be from 11:24 to 12:09.  Students in ISS have a closed lunch and are to bring their own lunch or eat the school lunch. 

Failure to follow these rules will result in an extension of the ISS time or Out of School Suspensions.