Saturday School Guidelines
  1. Saturday school starts promptly at 8:00 am in the Cabin at the High School.  You may park in the faculty parking lot on the east side of the High School.  Failure to appear by exactly 8:00 am will result in not being allowed into the group.
  2.  Students are expected to bring enough homework or reading material to keep them occupied during their assigned length of stay.
  3.  Students are not allowed to sleep or lay their head on the desks.  The assigned time is to be used for study.
  4.  There will be absolutely no communication between students during their assigned stay. 
  5. Failure to bring adequate work for the allotted time will result in the student being asked to leave and it will count as an absence from Saturday school.
  6. The computers are to be used for educational purposes only.  You will not be allowed to send or receive messages of any type.  Use of the internet will be for school related studies only.
  7.  You will remain seated at all times and raise your hand if you have questions.
  8.  Restroom privileges: 5 minutes every 2 hours.  You are not allowed to go anywhere but to the restroom during this time.  Students serving less than 2 hours will not have a break.
  9.  Lunch: 15 minutes at 11:30 (bring your own lunch from home)

An absence from your assigned Saturday school will result in serving an Out-Of-School suspension, which will take place the following week.
If these rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave and it will be counted as an un-excused absence, resulting in OSS.