Mrs. Van Zee Cabin
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Saturday School Schedule

7:00am - 12:00pm

Saturday, October 28th

Saturday, November 4th

Detention Time

Monday - Thursday

7:15am - 8:00am

3:25pm to 4:10pm

No Detention

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The CABIN is home to ISS (In School Suspension), detention, Saturday school, supervised study hall, an area for independent studies, and as a temporary placement for students when they are required to leave their regular classroom for a variety of reasons.

Mrs. Van Zee is the CABIN supervisor and it should be used as an extension of your normal classroom.

Students are expected to arrive prepared for work, stay on task, and do their best to learn and complete the materials that teachers have assigned. The following is a partial list of guidelines that shall be followed during your time in the CABIN.

1. Bring all books and study supplies that you will need during your stay.
2. The computers and internet provided to you shall be used for educational purposes only. E-mails shall only be sent and received from your teachers, staff, and the administration.
3. Your time in the CABIN gives you an excellent opportunity to improve in areas where improvement is needed and/or to improve your grades in other classes.

If needed, the supervisor will supply you with a complete list of rules depending upon why you were assigned to the CABIN.