Math Tips

Math can be found in so many areas of our lives: grocery prices, menus, addresses, recipes, telling time, and calendars.


Math skills can easily fall victim to "use it or lose it" syndrome. An easy way to help children retain their math skills is by having children recite 1 set of their times tables or addition facts as they ride in the car with you. If your child cannot yet recite them independently, have them repeat after you.


Since math skills are so "use it or lose it", once we get started we will be sending home a math journal each night with just a few math problems in it. It is not meant to be hard or take very long. We just want to keep students thinking about math after school gets out. It is also a good chance for students to review concepts that we have covered earlier in the year so they do not lose those skills.


Several websites that we use in our class that your studemts can use at home include:


Base Ten Blocks Have students click on Numbers and Operations in the grades 3-5 column. They may then choose base ten blocks addition or subtraction- or any skill you wish.

Study Island Title 1 students can use the same username and password they use in our classroom.