"Empowering All Students to Succeed in a Changing World"

Comprehensive guidance and counseling forms an equal partnership with the instructional program. The purpose of our program is to address student's educational, career, personal and social needs. Changing times and life outside of school produce complex needs which cannot be met solely by classroom teachers.

A counselor may help students...

-form and maintain relationships with peers and adults

-learn organization, communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills

-improve their study skills

-cope with changes in school or family life

-accept responsibility for self and choices

-schedule classes

-examine career choices

-assist in the application process for post high institutions

Three goals form the basis of our guidance and counseling plan. They are:

1. Learning to live together

2. Learning for a lifetime

3. Learning for a living

All students at Spearfish High School are eligible to receive counseling services. When the nature of the issue is such that it cannot be handled in a short-term counseling situation, referrals are made to outside counseling agencies.

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