Questions to ask when visiting a college

Ask an Admissions Counselor...
    What makes your college different than others?
    Does your college have the major I want?
    What extracurricular opportunities are on campus?
    What on and off campus jobs are available?
    What are your recent graduates doing now?
    What is the placement record for graduates in my field of study?
    What is the average class size and the faculty to student ratio?
    Who teaches most classes--professors or teaching assistants?
    What re the deadlines for scholarships?
    What are the admission requirements and have I met them?

Ask Students...
    How many hours a week do you study?
    Are faculty accessible to students?
    Is the food good?
    What are the residence halls like?
    Is it possible to study in your residence hall room?
    What do you like most about this college? Least?
    Can you have a car on campus? If not, is other transportation available?
    How easy is it to get the classes you want or need at registration?
    Would you select this college again if you were starting over?

After a tour of the campus, ask yourself...
    How accessible and up to date are the computer labs?
    Are the buildings well kept?
    Are the residence hall rooms clean?
    What are the laundry and kitchen facilities?
    What is the cafeteria like?
    What is the town like?
    Can I see myself living in this town?

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